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    Replayer v1.1 issues

    John Meier

      I've encountered a few issues using Replayer 1.1, any thoughts appreciated. Would like to use this tool to analyze Windows Performance Monitoring metrics between a production v10.4 environment and a replayed v10.5 environment.  Replayer is being run from the command line. 


      • Replayer is applying a filter reducing the browser sessions that are replayed.  How can this filtering be eliminated, so all captured sessions are replayed?


      Replay output/example:

      All browser sessions : 3106

      Filters set

      Filter user =null

      Filter Access Request ID =null

      Filter start time =null

      Filter End time =null

      Filtered browser sessions : 550


      • The execution time span on the target system differs from the source system.  The source and target environments both are a 3 node cluster, with like hardware and service distribution.   Ziplogs were pulled from the source system for a 10 hour 43 minute duration. Replaying on the target system, execution took 34 hours and 47 minutes.  Why is the replayed target system execution taking longer than the elapsed time the logs were pulled from the source system?


      Any help resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.