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    embeddedAuthRedirect.html stalling on old sessions?

    Daniel Stanish

      Good day all.


      I'm running into a challenge on Tableau Server 10.5.2 where Shibboleth authentication on old (day+) web browsers sessions is stalling. I was curious if anyone had seen this before. Please note I'm not one of the the Tableau server admins.



      1. User has a web browser with a Tableau server workbook open for an extended amount of time, longer than the Tableau session timeout.
      2. In the same browser, the user opens a direct https link to another workbook's view.
      3. User gets a blank white background with a spinning grey wheel:
        • busy_large.gif
      4. The spinning wheel never stops.


      The workaround is to have the user either exit their browser completely and relogin again. Or, visit the top of the Tableau server again, which prompts for a login. After either of these the direct link works again.


      I've been picking through the Javascript debugger, and it appears it's getting stuck thinking the authentication is occurring in another window.


      Transitioning from null to anotherIsAuthenticating          embeddedAuthRedirectJade.js?819vpf68wrqrryd7mv8zd7vi:43


      I've been able to recreate the scenario where the background window that was redirected to the login has been closed, and the active window won't release.


      Again, I have a workaround to resolve, but I was curious if anyone had run into this before and if so is there a better way to resolve.  Thanks!