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    pulling in calcs from report to report

    Mel Buckner

      I have two static spreadsheets that are left joined on date.


      In them I am (first sheet) calculating how many patients were seen by each physician in the month of January 2018:patients.JPG



      That part is working fine.
      2nd page: calculating how many orders of each type of imaging the physician made in the month of January 2018:orders.JPG

      Tableau is correctly counting the numbers of ct orders, us orders, vas orders and mri orders.


      what it's NOT doing (and what I need it to do is correctly calculate the number of CT/US/Vas/MRI orders per 100 patients seen.
      what seems to be happening is that when I pull in the distinct count of sheet 1, into the calculation to determine numbers of orders x 100 pts - it takes as the denominator for count of pts seen for example in the case of Andrea Banke - she saw 154 pts in the month of january and ordered 37 CT scans.  So, were I to take (154/37)*100 it should come out around 24.  not 0.4 -  because it's using the wrong denominator.  How do I get it to take the correct count of patients seen so the math works correctly?



      patients calc.JPG


      can someone tell me what I am missing here?

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