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    Simulate growth from previous year

    Emile Languepin


      This is my first post on this forum so please let me know if this thread is missing anything.


      My problem is the following: I have a table broke down by Month/Year, with a volume of orders (simple count) attached to it. I have also added a calculation of Percentage difference - Pane Accross so that on each line that isn't the first year I get a comparison of order volume. Below a screenshot.


      My goal  is to show a simulation of order volume based on the change between 2015 and 2016. What this means is that volume of orders for 2015 and 2016 would be unchanged, and:


      2016 orders * (1+ Percentage difference 2016).


      2017 orders recalculated * (1+ Percentage difference 2016)


      So for instance for January numbers would be:



      2017: 63 * (1+2.15) =198.45

      2018: 198.45 *(1+2.15) = 625.1175


      I have tried LOD calculations and lookups, I can only get 2017 to work. I know this is a long shot and maybe not doable in Tableau, but i'd appreciate any help !


      Thank you very much !