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    User Security Viz?

    Doug Spavlik

      Question: Is there there a way to connect to the data in our TableauOnline account to create a viz based on the the users, groups and workbooks?


      Details:  We have 200 plus users with almost a dozen different access or security groups.  I would like to have one view of all the user and there associated groups.  This would allow me to...

      1.  View all the users in one list and All the groups for which they are a member.

      2.  View all the Groups and their user count

      A similar viz would be a workbook to security group showing a list of all workbooks and which groups have access. Both would be a two color heat map viz and would be placed on a Dashboard and used to quickly see which users / groups have access to which workbooks.

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          Jason Huffman

          Hey Doug, thanks for reaching out!


          At this time there isn't a way to connect to the underlying data of your Online site through Tableau Desktop to create vizzes. However, it may be possible to accomplish items 1 and 2 using the Tableau REST API - I'm thinking something with the Get Users In Group, Get Users On Site, Query Groups, Query Workbook Permissions, etc. If you're interested in this solution I would recommend checking out our Rest API Samples page on Github and also engaging our Developer Community forum for any questions.


          This is a great idea so I would encourage you to submit it to our Ideas forum for other members to vote and discuss. Posting there will also allow our development team to gauge the demand for each enhancement.