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    Combining different Date Dimensions

    Enrico Serafini

      Hello everyone,


      I'm new to Tableau and I'm trying something that might be just a little bit too hard: I need your help!


      I have two Date Dimensions:

      - Hiring Date

      - Leaving Date


      I want to compare them in the same chart, by counting the number of hires and leavers each month:


                               Jan     Feb ...

      Hiring               10       13

      Leaving            5          4


      Is it possibile to do it within Tableau through a time calculations?

      I'd like to avoid to creare seperate datasets...


      Thank you,


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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Yes tableau can be used to solve your problem

          The solution to your issue depends on your data structure - you have not provided a workbook but if you check out the link below you will find a comprehensive list of links on the topic of working with 2 dates


          FAQ:  Open & Close Dates





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