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    How do I calculate ratios using the data in two columns to create a ratio?

    Bill Benton

      I am a Tableau "newbie" and I
      have a sheet of data with multiple columns in which I want to divide column A
      by column B to obtain a ratio e.g. and then format it into a percentage.

      I created a calculation (A/B) and when I
      add the calculation to be a new column all I'm getting is a whole number e.g


      Can you help me to determine what I'm doing


      • Below is a clip of my sheet in which I want
        to divide the following columns to get a ratio.


      16-Losses Paid 2017 1 / 11-Premium 2017 to
      get a ratio of

      1. e.g.

      1,391,737 / 1,041,539 = 1.33 or 133%


      The two columns are 16-Losses Paid divided by 11-Premium which should be displayed in a created column called Loss Ratio.