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    How to Avoid Tableau automatically adding values

    Avnindra Rai

      I have data set like this.


      Org     Month     %utilisation of it's budget

      A          Apr          11

      B          Apr          15

      C          Apr          10

      D          Apr           17


      A          May          25

      B          May          17

      C          May          19

      D          May          25



      A          June          30

      B          June          20

      C          June          21

      D          June          30


      so on for all the 12 months


      Now , I want to plot a line graph which could have Months on X axis and %utilisation of it's budget on Y axis and one line each to depict different oraganisations so that comparative alaysis can be done.


      I tried putting months in column and %expenditure in row and putting different organisation in colours. However what is happening is that tableau is doing automatic summation of %Expenditure and thus giving inaccurate picture.


      Any help in this will be highly appreciated , i have attached a sample set of Data