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    Assigning background colour to each cell or a set of cells in a cross-tab

    Shiva Pillai


      Is it possible to assign individual background colours to the cells in a cross tab like the one below?

      I want to assign dark-red to the bottom right (i.e. 2), a medium-red shading to R2C2, R3C2 and R2C3 (i.e. 11, 12 and 5), amber to R2C1, R3C1, R1C2 and R1C3 (i.e. 5,7,9 and 3) and finally Green in the first cell. R=row, C=column.


      Can someone please let me know how can I do that in Tableau?


      Elapsed/Remain<30 days30-90 days>90 days
      <30 days493
      30-90 days5115
      >90 days7122