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    dynamically changing of filters based on parameters

    avinash v
      1. We are facing problem regarding the period selection (FYTD,QTD,MTD,12Q)

      Points are in detail described in below

      • Based on Selection of  “FYTD” it should show only   FY17 ,FY18 remaining filters like MTD ,QTD  should be disabled
      • Likewise When I select   “MTD” it should   month wise like (Jan17,Feb17,Mar18) & remaining should be disabled.
      • Similarly when I click on QTD   then entire graphs in dashboard  should represent like(Q1 2017,Q2 2017..etc)
      • When I select 12Q then entire graphs in dashboard should represent  the last 12 quarters trends from the selected month onwards.
      1. After selection of the period filter and we need to choose the measure value (sale value , sale qty , sale qty in tons)  based on the selected the measure we need the compare value of actual sale value  , Budget sale value  , prev year sale value


      Expected output










      • On selection of Sale value it should change the entire Actual sale Value, Budget sale Value & Previous year sale value.
      • Similarly  it should  reflect the same for the Actual Sale Qty, Budget Sale Qty & Previous Year Sale Qty on selection of the SALE Qty  in the parameter
      • Likewise it should be same for the Actual Sale Qty tons ,Budget Sale Qty tons, Previous Year Sale QtySALE QTY Tons

      Note:  Entire values & graphs should be should be changed on one Parameter only.


      Below is the workbook attachment ..  I achieved the above scenario by using the three parameters but all i want is that it should happen on single parameter.

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          Matt Lutton

          The only option I know of that works is making the filters pop and swap, as shown in the video here -- it's not an easy thing to learn, and is certainly a workaround.  The video shows changing filters or legends based on a sheet, but I believe the same could be applied when using a parameter to change values: Sheet Swap and Pop in Tableau on Vimeo


          I'm sure you've already tried using the "Only Relevant Values" setting on the filter -- that will only set the values for the filter, rather than showing/hiding actual filters based on your selection.


          Best of luck - if nothing works, it may be a good time to rethink the approach and find another way to visualize your data. Happy analyzing!