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    Loosing folders when getting local copy of a published datasource

    Bertrand DOURNON



      I am working on a dashboard plugged to a datamart that evolve regularly and I am experiencing an annoying anomaly when downloading a local copy of the published datasources. All the defined folders are lost in the local copy of the datasource. And I have to redefine them all each time I have to adapt the datasource.


      Here are the folowed steps :

      1- Build up an Oracle datasource

      2- Define dimensions and measures folders

      3- Build dashboards

      4- Publish workbook and datasource to the server

      5- Download local copy of the published datasource

      => Folders are lost


      Does anyone experiencing the same ?


      Thank you in advance for your feedback and help

      Best regards

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          Hello Bertrand,


          That has not occurred for me in my testing with 10.5.3 Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop versions. Can you provide a little more detail on the versions that are being used? My data source folders are maintained as expected.


          Another troubleshooting step I would be curious to see is to have the data source donwloaded from the sever as a .tdsx and opened in Tableau Desktop does it exhibit the same behavior?


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick