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    Server 10.5.2 Upgradation Getting Stalled

    Sanket Kelkar

      HI All,


      We have recently upgraded to 10.5.2 from 10.1. One thing we noticed was the up-gradation process stalled when it was configuring and initializing the server. We followed this link - Troubleshoot Tableau Server Install and Upgrade as the message was exactly similar -


      Setup is initializing Tableau server and migrating any existing data.

      This process may take several minutes to complete.


      We have only one extract file with 100MB size and it contains 3 million rows, 20 columns. It took more than an hour to complete this step. Also as mentioned in the reference link, we tried to find a tabadmin.log to see if any log entries are added, but could not find this file.


      How much approx time it might take to transfer extracts of 30-40 GB size with huge data? Also, how do I find a tabadmin.log file? Does it also take VM configuration into consideration? If yes, I am on 10GB RAM, E5620 @ 2.60 GHz CPU with 6 cores.


      My default installation directory - "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.5\"



      Sanket K.