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    Server 10.5.2 Upgradation Getting Stalled

    Sanket Kelkar

      HI All,


      We have recently upgraded to 10.5.2 from 10.1. One thing we noticed was the up-gradation process stalled when it was configuring and initializing the server. We followed this link - Troubleshoot Tableau Server Install and Upgrade as the message was exactly similar -


      Setup is initializing Tableau server and migrating any existing data.

      This process may take several minutes to complete.


      We have only one extract file with 100MB size and it contains 3 million rows, 20 columns. It took more than an hour to complete this step. Also as mentioned in the reference link, we tried to find a tabadmin.log to see if any log entries are added, but could not find this file.


      How much approx time it might take to transfer extracts of 30-40 GB size with huge data? Also, how do I find a tabadmin.log file? Does it also take VM configuration into consideration? If yes, I am on 10GB RAM, E5620 @ 2.60 GHz CPU with 6 cores.


      My default installation directory - "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.5\"



      Sanket K.


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          Toby Erkson

          I don't think there is a formula as there are too many variables involved.


          For example, based on my experience our 2-node environment takes longer to upgrade compared to when we were a single-node environment.

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            Mark McGhee

            Hi Sanket,


            Just curious is this a single standalone environment?   If so, is it Production?    The memory seems a bit low for a Production scenario.   Often we like to see 8GB per core if possible.

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              Jeff Strauss

              You should be able to find the tabadmin logs either under:


              C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\logs or C:\Program Data\Tableau\Tableau Server\logs.  You may have to unhide hidden folders.

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                Sanket Kelkar

                Yes, we have a 3 node environment with one primary and 2 workers.

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                  Sanket Kelkar

                  Hey Mark McGhee ,


                  Its a 3 node cluster DEV server and that's why we have a low hardware config. I was just checking how much time it could take on PROD with much higher hardware config.


                  Can you please help ?

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                    Sanket Kelkar

                    Thanks, Jeff Strauss,


                    I was able to unhide the folder 'ProgramData' and found the tabadmin.log file under "C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\logs\".

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                      Mark McGhee

                      Hi Sanket,


                      There's not an easy rule of thumb for how long it would take to convert a *.tde to *.hyper.   Also, I know a lot of organizations do similar to your team in that the Dev environment is more like "proof of concept".  But considering you're going from 10.1 to 10.5 there are a number of new features along the way.   The Tableau Server EULA allows for one Production and two non-Production environments.  If there's a QA/TEST environment that more closely mirrors Production you could do a practice upgrade there as well.  Not to mention, if an environment that's more robust there's a good chance you could get folks to help test it out before the upgrade just to make sure you don't run into any issues.   I could see where the Dev environment being undersized it may be harder to lure testers over to it.  At a minimum would suggest testing the top 20 dashboards as well as any executive/critical ones.   Plus it never hurts to have a backup plan just in case.   Lastly, it's always subject to change but there's a good chance we'll be coming out with 10.5.3 within the next week.

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                        Jeff Strauss

                        10.5.3 this week or next week?

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                          Mark McGhee

                          Sorry for the confusion.  If all goes well it should be this week.  That said with any of our maintenance releases if a last minute security issue bubbles up it's always possible it could be delayed by a week.  The "Release Notes" page gets updated once the maintenance releases are available: Tableau Server | Tableau Software

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                            Sanket Kelkar

                            Hey Mark McGhee

                            Thank you for your inputs on this. We do have DEV and QA environments in which we will be testing our up-gradation. Once upgraded, we are going to validate the performance of few of our business critical dashboards before moving to PROD.


                            We also have a backup strategy in place -

                            1. Manual backup of Tableau server 10.1.

                            2. VM snapshot.


                            I will post my detailed observations and findings here as soon as PROD server is upgraded and rolled out to user for future references to community.




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                              Mark McGhee

                              Hi Sanket,

                              It sounds like you have things under control.   More than likely this is already on your radar but for other folks who might be reading this thread.

                              For QA you can restore a backup taken from Production.   Though typically you'll want to disable Subscriptions in QA (so users don't get duplicate emails) as well as disable the schedules for Extracts.  That is, having Extracts enabled in a non-Production environment could put extra strain on your Production databases.  Some customers have setup Pre-Production databases to avoid that scenario.

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                                Sanket Kelkar

                                Sharing my observations on the upgrade for the community -


                                We upgraded from 10.1 to 2018.1 last week -


                                1. Stopped the primary server and took full manual backup as we did not want users to make any changes while the upgrade was in progress. Our server is of 100 GB size, and the backup took 52 mins to complete and generated a .tsbak file with 37 GB size. The server has 64 GB RAM with 8 processors.

                                2. Started the upgrade by running 2018.1 server installable file. It automatically detected that we already have 10.1 and uninstalled it.

                                3. VERY IMP - we have a non-default server location, and hence needed to be very careful while selecting the path. If the path goes wrong, then it installs a completely new version of 2018.1 and does not copy any configuration.

                                Path in our case -


                                Original Path – D:\Programs\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.1\bin

                                Browse to - D:\Programs\Tableau (please note that it automatically appends Tableau server folder with the browsed path and creates a new folder with a name 2018.1 )

                                New path - D:\Programs\Tableau\Tableau Server\2018.1\bin


                                4. While the upgrade was running, it asked to manually upgrade workers. At that moment, we signed-in to each worker and ran 2018.1 server worker program. It also automatically detected the previous version and upgraded to 2018.1

                                5. The entire upgrade took 1 and a half hour and it successfully copied each and every configuration including - all workbooks, sites, extracts, schedules, subscriptions, SSL configuration, windows AD config, license information etc from 10.1 to 2018.1


                                Performance stats -

                                A full refresh pointing to Oracle database -


                                On 10.1

                                Time to refresh- 49 minutes

                                Size of the .tde file- 1.11 GB

                                Data - 2 million rows and 30 columns


                                On 2018.1

                                Time to refresh- 22 minutes

                                Size of the .hyper file - 800 MB

                                Data - 2 million rows and 30 columns


                                Overall, we are getting more than 50% performance improvement in the extract refresh and 20-30% performance improvement in dashboard interactivity.


                                Please let me know if I have missed any point and I would be happy to help!



                                Sanket K.