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    Top N products fixed to a specific time period

    Naila Ahmed

      Hi Everyone,


      My data has a number of time periods and I am trying to create a Top N products based on sales fixed to a specific time period e.g. 2017. So when I filter my sales chart to 2016 I should see the same Top N list of products based on 2017 sales however the 2016 sales will be displayed for these products.


      For example if i want to display Top 3 products, and based on 2017 sales these are X, Y, Z, when i filter my time period to 2016 the same X, Y, Z products should be displayed in the chart regardless of their sales in 2016.


      Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you in advance for your help on this and sorry if something similar has already been raised (I couldn't find anything online myself).