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    How to use calculation to compare number of records average to number of staff in region using parameter

    Scott Andrawartha



      I have been using Tableau for a little while but I struggle to translate what I want to do into things I can search on the forums.


      I am unable to attach the data I am using for privacy reasons but I hope I can explain my situation.


      Each record is a complaint that has a Complaint ID and a higher level Case ID (a Case may have multiple Complaints) and so I have been using the number of records as the main measurement, and have arranged them by FY quarters. I have four regions - North, South, East and West - and I have researched the number of staff in each region and have included these as parameters.


      Example below is (roughly) what my visualisation looks like at the moment:

      RegionTotal Staff (Parameter)FY 2017 Q3FY 2017 Q4Grand Total



      What I am trying to show is the amount of Complaints compared to the number of staff in a region, to illustrate the average Complaints generated per staff member. I have managed to create an IF THEN calculated field to show the staff numbers in a column but can't work out how to take the figures in the Grand Total column and use them in relation to the parameter (or vice-versa)... Any ideas?