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    Sheets are invisible

    kim paul

      Hello -


      I have done something to somehow render all sheets that point to one dashboard as invisible.  When I hover over a sheet tab name, I can see the data pop up in thumbnail as expected, but the sheet itself is blank.  I recreated one of the sheets identically to one of the invisible ones and it looks fine.  I have been looking for some "invisible setting" that I may have accidentally selected but have been unable to find such a thing.   The fonts are grey in all of the sheets and background is white.  There are no actions but there is a parameter.


      Something seems to have changed with the filters for these sheets.  They all default to "Custom Value List".  As opposed to "Select From List" which I originally chose.


      It seems like I adjusted a global setting for all sheets in this dashboard.


      Thank you so much for your advice and help!



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          kim paul

          I was able to determine the setting that was causing the sheets to appear "invisible".  There is a both a dashboard level setting (in the dashboard menu) and a sheet setting (in the worksheet menu) that allow Automatic or Manual Updates.  I must have accidentally selected the workbook level manual update option by unchecking "Auto Update".  I have rechecked the auto update option in all the sheets and the workbook and now everything is appearing fine.  Thanks so much.  Kim