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    Subtotals as Percentage of rows with a value


      Hello! I have 2 questions I'd like some help with.


      1. I have campaign data with 1s and 0s as values to show if a campaign has been finished in the Campaigns Tab . I'd like the subtotals to be a percentage showing the percent of employees who have completed the marketing campaign (e.g. Subtotals for Campaign B for marketing teams A and B would be 5/6=83.3% and 3/4=75% respectively) . What would be the best way to do this? Also, is there a better way of adding the measures to the table? I'm currently using the Max function due to the way I set up the join tables.



      2. In the Sales tab, is there a way to show $0 for periods where an employee doesn't have any sales data using the original measure? Or is the only way to recreate the sales measure as a calculated field with the ZN function?



      Thanks in Advance!