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    Shaded 1Km Grid Square Maps - Tableau Public

    Andrew Whittam

      Hi, I am trying to create a colour shaded map using a shape file I have imported into Table from OS website which shows the UK county of Surrey as 1Km Grid squares.


      The data to be shaded is crime data (publicly available) which contains the name of the 1Km grid square so the shape file and data file can be joined.


      This is a link to the online report.


      The workbook is also attached.


      The report has 2 sheets - 1st is map, 2nd is the grid square id and number of crimes in the grid square,


      I believe the 2 data sets are linking but I can't find a way to get the 1Km grid squares in the map to show colour shading on the basis of total crimes per square.


      Any help appreciated.