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    Prevent the ability to create New Workbook from Data Source on Tableau Server

    Joel Dodd

      I have been looking all through the documentation and forums and have not found how to do this yet.  I want to give my users the ability to view certain workbooks along with interacting with them (filters, parameters, sort, etc).  However, I do not want them to be able to create a New Workbook from the Data Source associated with this workbook.  I have tried all different combinations of settings for this and nothing seems to allow this combination that I have found.  On the project I have the group as Viewer for the project and Custom on the workbook (Only allow viewing, printing PDF, download summary data and filtering).  On the Data Source I have permissions only to view and connect.  If I turn those off, the user gets an error that they can not connect to the data source when trying to look at the workbook.