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    Prevent the ability to create New Workbook from Data Source on Tableau Server

    Joel Dodd

      I have been looking all through the documentation and forums and have not found how to do this yet.  I want to give my users the ability to view certain workbooks along with interacting with them (filters, parameters, sort, etc).  However, I do not want them to be able to create a New Workbook from the Data Source associated with this workbook.  I have tried all different combinations of settings for this and nothing seems to allow this combination that I have found.  On the project I have the group as Viewer for the project and Custom on the workbook (Only allow viewing, printing PDF, download summary data and filtering).  On the Data Source I have permissions only to view and connect.  If I turn those off, the user gets an error that they can not connect to the data source when trying to look at the workbook.

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          Hi Joel,


          What you want to do is only sort of possible. That data source CONNECT permission is the controller of this setting. You can deny users CONNECT, but still allow them to view the workbooks that use the published data source by asking the workbook publishers to choose "embed credentials" when they publish the workbook. That actually embeds the publisher's permission to connect into the workbook itself, but that's a lot of work for your publishers.


          If the concern is more that users are creating these new workbooks and then saving them to the server, you can simply give them the Interactor site role. They'd still have the option to connect to the published data sources and play around in Web Edit mode with them, but they wouldn't be able to save their work.


          Set Users’ Site Roles

          Set Permissions on Individual Content Resources