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    Group Data Dynamically

    mansi malik

      Hi All,


      I am stuck with an issue which seems to be very easy but not able make it work so here I am with a question:


      It is Claims data, each claim may have more than one transactions under it and  each transaction has a status code tagged. Per my requirement, I have taken max(Status Code) as Status and would finally need to create a status graph from this. But I am not able to achieve this. For example:


      Status     Claim Id

      0               A



      1               D


      2               F



                        I and so on....


      Now I want Tableau to give me something like this...

      Status     Claim Count

      0               3

      1               2

      2               3


      But I am not able to calculate the count. I have attached the final view which I want to create from this.