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    Using LOD Calculations to sum over rows (v10.5)

    Ryan Soares

      I have the attached data, only an example since I can't share the real data. The data contains some 2017/2018 forecasted and budgeted amounts for 4 projects by month.For each project I want to determine if, in total over 2018 months, the project is under, over, or on budget. I have two calculated fields which use fixed LOD expressions to sum the budgeted and forecasted values for each project over the 2018 months, and one calculated field to calculate the variance. If the absolute value of the variance = 0 then on budget, variance > 0 then under budget, else over budget. I'm not getting the correct results the way I am doing it currently.



      This pivot table shows the correct results, two projects over budget (c and d), one on budget (b) and one under budget (a). I'd like to show the number of projects with each status (over, under, or on budget).


      Appreciate the help!