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    Directed Dashboard filtering

    Richard Couillard

      Hello expert community! I wasn't sure how to title this discussion thread but here is my question.


      I have a dashboard that is made up of 3 separate worksheets. I want to use one which is a stacked bar graph as a filter for the other two, which I have set. The stacked bar displays the result of two Measures (Measure A and Measure B). I have each measure displayed on the stacked bar using a different color. The other two worksheets on the dashboard each represent a cross-tab view of the results for Measure A and Measure B.


      What I want to accomplish is when I click on any of the Stacked Bars for Measure A, the detailed results for Measure A are displayed on the crosstab table and the same for when I click on any of the Measure B bars (Measure B results are displayed on the Measure B crosstab table).


      Currently when I click on any of the stacked bars (Measure A or B) the same results are displayed on the both crosstab tables instead of Measure A data being displayed in the Measure A table and Measure B data in the Measure B table.


      I hope my explanation is clear enough but if I need to provide an example I will work on developing a sanitized version of my story so I can share.


      Any suggestions?