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    Scatterplot Drill Down

    Paul Gonzalez

      I'm following a guide to create a particular application of a gauge chart using the SuperStore data.  I'm a little confused as to why the author is able to drill down into the data by the dimension "Product Sub-Category" but I don't have that option.  My image looks like this:


      But it should look like this (from the author):


      Notice that the author's image has only one plot for the 17 Product Sub-Category headings, while mine has 1,952 plots for every single data point.



      If you didn't click on the link at the beginning, this is a scatter plot using Sine, Cosine and Pi operators to plot these datapoints on a curve.


      Here' the link again in long format:

      Dueling Data: How To Create a Gauge Chart in Tableau (UPDATED)

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          Mike Mainzer

          That's because he created a hierarchy. Notice on his image, the Sub-Category has a little '-' next to it?


          You achieve this in one of two ways:

          1. Take your 'Product Sub-Category' dimension and drag it into the 'Product Category Dimension'. It will give you some prompts about creating a hierarchy


          2. Hold control and select both of them. Right-click one of them and select 'Create >> Hierarchy.'


          Now you will have a new hierarchy created. So instead of bringing 'Product Sub-Category to Detail, drag the hierarchy itself to detail. Then you'll get the '+' and '-' symbol for drilling in and out of your hierarchy.

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            Paul Gonzalez

            Thank you this is helpful, but not the solution.  When  I do it this way I end up with more plots than before, or so it seems.  I'm not sure if: 1. The plots are just more spread out and appear to be more, or 2. if the newly created hierarchy is creating a new plot for both categories when I expand the pill.  It seems I'm missing a critical piece of understanding of something that Tableau does automatically in some visuals, but not in this plot.


            However, in a different chart type the sub-category is correctly aggregated.  This is the table that is created elsewhere in the tutorial and all of the values are the ones that I wish were in my x,y plot:


            Tableau correctly creates the 17 subcategories that I want and the appropriate single x and y coordinate for a single point.

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              Mike Mainzer

              Can you show the plot where you attempted the hierarchy solution with the scatterplot? Or share workbook?

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                Paul Gonzalez

                Certainly, I'll do both.



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                  Mike Mainzer

                  Great. I'll be able to take a look at the workbook tomorrow and get back to you, unless someone is able to help before then.


                  However, in looking at your image, it appears that Product Sub-Category is above Category in your hierarchy. Try dragging sub-category below Category in the hierarchy drop-down. When they're in the order you currently have them, Tableau 'thinks' that Category is actually the sub-category.