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    How to stop action filter from filtering dates?

    Ben Perlman

      I have a workbook with several tables.  One goes off a targets spreadsheet with only 2018 numbers.  Another has actual revenue for each client for all years (but no future dates).


      The user is able to filter to a range of dates, and have the targets for that period update.


      When the user clicks a specific client account, several tables showing targets for that account update.


      I have one table with stats by account for the past 12 months (even prior year, dates prior to the table with the action filter accounts).  I don't want these dates to change no matter what date is selected.  I have this unchecked from the date filter, but the problem is, the action where the user clicks the client name comes from a spreadsheet that only has 2018 numbers, so when that action is clicked, the table populates to only 2018 numbers.  I want it JUST to select the account name, and retrieve the past 12 months of data on this spreadsheet, no matter what (past 12 months of data don't exist in the data source with the action filter).


      I tried modifying the date filter to only filter account name, but it still brings in only 2018 data..


      **ATTACHED WORKBOOK***.  The bottom right table needs to show past 12 months.  The middle right table needs to show all 2018 months, but I am pretty sure I can figure that one out.  More concerned about the bottom right table showing past 18 months***