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    Measured Values and Action

    Raghavan Mayur

      On a bar chart chart, I show the percent of customers giving Excellent or Very Good for 10 service attributes.


      I use a parameter called Experience for the enduser to select if he or she wants to see Excellent or Exceelent/Very Good combined.


      For example, Cost in the raw dataset it is variable Q2A, takes a value of 1 for Excellent and 2 for Very Good, 3 for Fair, and 4 for Poor.


      Depending on parameter selection, my calculated field aggregates and calculates percentage giving an Excellent or Excellent/Very Good:   


      SUM(IF [Experience]=1 and [Q2A]=1 THEN 1

      ELSEIF [Experience]=2 and [Q2A]<3 then 1

      ELSE 0

      END)/SUM(IF[Q2A]>0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)


      On a dashboard, I have the customer experience chart and couple of other variables (Region and Size).  When I select segments of Region or Size Tableau updates the attribute chart correctly as one would expect.  However, when I choose a service attribute, it does not update Region and Size.


      My calculated attributes displayed are measure Names, which is a combination of multiple dimensions, while Region and Size are single dimensions.


      How can one make the dashboard work?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      p.s. Didn't post the dataset due to confidentiality considerations.