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    Educational Brain Teaser: Create Calendar with Minimum Data

    Alexander Mou

      Just find Michael Hesser posted a brain teaser not so long ago.

      Here is another one from me.


      How minimum? Here it means 2 rows of date (the first and last dates of the year)

      2018-04-06 14_10_07-Microsoft Excel - Tableau Best Practices.xlsx.png

      Then create this yearly calendar of 2018. Note that the view is 4x3:

      • Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr
      • May, Jun, Jul, Aug
      • Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec


      Optional with public holidays (data in extra table that you need to create by yourself)


      I also wrote a post:

      Vizible Difference: #TableauBrainTeaser: Creating Calendar with Minimum Data

      And post it on twitter:



      The actual viz is here: (not downloadable)

      Workbook: Calendar with Minimum Data


      Have fun!