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    Tableau Performance issue

    sonam jha


      My search results in the forum or ideas section did not match up to know if this question has been asked before ( maybe my search terms aren't matching but anyways.. ), I am putting forth this one here.

      Scenario: I am new to my current project and see dashboard performance issue(When client is trying to view dashboard it takes long time to open).Desktop directly connect to tableau server where data layer has been created(live/extract), Both give the same performance issues. After connecting to a data extract/live from tableau server which has data layer created , when I start selecting Data layer for analysis, I can see that performance issue They are connecting to Cloudera Hadoop (Impala).

      I could see that dashboard which is present have custom SQL query.However i am trying to view that custom  SQL query,but somehow My desktop(10.2) does not give me option to get that as that directly connects to data layer.

      I tried performance recording option,I tried to see show SQL option as well,  however i could not see that in my desktop.

      I am trying to understand here how i will overcome with situation to analyze where exactly performance issue is occurring.

      I don't see ability/option to filter data before bringing in all the data from the data source, using either Live or Extract.

      Is there a way around this other than not writing custom SQL ?

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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Sonam. How many rows roughly are involved here?   Is the published data source something you have access to, i.e. are you able to download it to your computer and open the datasource file (.tds) in Tableau?


          I've some experience with large queries and slow query times in Tableau. In some cases, ditching the custom SQL and using a live connection ended up being faster performance (and certainly easier to work in!) than the extract. In general, extracts work well most of the time though, it really depends on your data and how you have to use it. In my experience, Tableau 10.5 Hyper extracts have better performance than the TDE based extracts.


          Tableau has a guide for optimizing dashboard performance:


          If it were me, I'd take a look at the published data source and see if there is any optimization opportunities there, such as converting away from the custom SQL. Next, limit the number of records as much as possible, and and then limit the fields in the data set to only those you absolutely need.