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    maintain data alignment in merged columns

    Catherine Sullivan

      My department is implementing Tableau in placed of our current reporting tools.

      I am required to reproduce a report in Tableau (previously produced in Logi and before that in Access via ODBC) that has more than the allowed 16 columns.

      In order to display all the data, I have merged two columns, an ID number and  a text column (name)

      I would like to know if Tableau offers a way to pad the ID to fixed width so that the text is aligned.

      I tried this 

      if ISNULL([Lic Nbr]) then SPACE(10)+"| "+[Resp Name]

      else ([Lic Nbr]+SPACE(10-LEN([Lic Nbr]))+"| "+[Resp Name])


      but it does not give the desired result.


      I can go back to my data source (a custom View in an Oracle database) and format the ID as zero padded, but since Tableau is such a powerful tool, I expect there is an easier way.


      Sorry about omitting the packaged workbook, but I don't see how it would help in this case and it would be a lot more work than this issue warrants.

      So if no one responds, I'll get that there isn't an easy answer.


      Thank you all for taking the time  to read this.