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    Extract Confusion

    DK Elly

      Please note there is NO attached workbook.

      Tableau V10.5.0


      So, I think the confusion is all on my part and I did do some research into the issue but still remain mystified as to what the actual answer is.  Apologies in advance if everyone heaves a big sigh of exasperation because I missed some relevant article(s) on this during my research. 


      Objective:  Create a number of "cleansed" data source files using Tableau for additional combined use in new workbooks.

      1. I know Tableau is a viz tool and best used when data has already be formatted to "almost" final form before introducing to a workbook.
      2. While I do have access to Tableau Server in my environment, it is not at the appropriate version level for publishing to accommodate the role I currently carry out.
      3. Cant afford Alteryx or Pentaho and have been beta testing Project Maestro pending first prod release as potential ETL tool.
      4. Thus relegated to using Tableau to "wash" the data to it's final format before using in more complex and combined Tableau workbook for creating the ultimate Viz. 


      Issue:  I have a number of data sources where the data (like many others have experienced) is less than perfect.  So I have created a single Tableau workbook to ingest each data source, built multiple custom calculations to cleanse them, and then assigned an extract role to in order to create what I had hoped would be a clean output of the results per data source.  When connecting to the extract, whether tde or hyper, the calculated fields are not in the dataset.  If I save as a packaged workbook, the calculated fields are there.  Please note that I agree I am simply brutalizing Tableau's original intended use to create another set of flat files for combined use in a more involved Tableau endeavor, but...  I really want to stop using Excel.  lol  Not that it isn't a great program!


      Assumptions are that because I am not using a Tableau server; capturing the calculated fields is not possible?


      While I can go the route of duping the original file as a twbx to get what I want, I am still one of those persons who just wants it understand what I am missing in the original assumption of using an extract to accomplish same.


      Thanks for bearing with me in this long explanation.

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          Wesley Magee


          To clarify, you're not seeing your calculations come up in the TDEs you've created? The calculations should be included.


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            Mike Mainzer

            Sounds like a bug in the new extract process for 10. Lots of others have reported problems, particularly with .hyper extracts.


            That being said, if you're looking for a better ETL solution until Maestro is legitimate, and Alteryx or similar items are too expensive, and python or R are not options, I recommend getting Power BI. I know it may seem silly to get a viz tool simply to do ETL, but Power BI's edit query mode is the exact reason why Tableau has been pushed to create project maestro in the first place. ETL is insanely easy in Power BI, and I'll sometimes load data into pbi simply to transform it into a usable format for analysis in Tableau.


            It's worth a try if nothing else is working, in my opinion.