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    Generate filter according to fields value?

    Jing Si



      My question is if I have a field with multiple values, can I create a filter of these value?


      For example, I have a table like this. I would like to have a filter that have all the majors in it. By selecting the major, I can filter the school that have that major.

      School NameMajor
      American UniversityAgriculture, Bussiness Analysis, Computer Science, Data Science, Public Administration
      Stanford UniversityData Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture
      Duke UniversityPublic Health, Computer Science, Bussiness Analysis


      The filter should be like this:

      filter name
      Bussiness Analysis
      Computer Science
      Data Science
      Public Administration
      Electrical Engineering
      Mechanical Engineering
      Public Health


      I know a way to do this is to create calculated fields for each major. If a school has this major, that fields is mark as true or 1, otherwise false or 0. But I have about 30 majors in the really table and the major might be change if I update the data. So I'm wondering if there is an efficient way to do that.