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    How to link two data sources (but keep them separate from one another) to a main source?

    A G

      I have three different data sources I am working to connect into one. The primary data source is a list of budget accounts and locations, with each budget and spend YTD for the year (this is in Excel). The second data source (also in Excel) is a list of Non-PO invoices and their details. The third source (pulling from a database, so I do not have control over it) is a list of POs and details.


      I need to link both POs and Non-POs to the budgetary data, but I need the data to join in a way so that POs and Non-POs do not join together on the same row. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? I've attached a sample of data to illustrate. Thanks!

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          Mike Mainzer

          Is your sample data similar to your actual data?


          Because your PO Information table doesn't have a unique id of any kind. Based on the sample data, I don't see how you could create any kind of relationships because they would all be many-to-many.


          That being said, if your actual data is structured in a usable way, you don't need to do any kind of join or merging.


          Simply go to a sheet, add a datasource and select one of your tables.

          Then click the sheet, select 'add a new source' and select your next table. Repeat until all three of your tables are in there.


          Now, you can select 'Data' >> 'Edit Relationships' and then select how your two sub-tables relate to your primary table via which keys they relate on.


          Now, when you drag a measure or dimension from your main table, and you want to include something from one of your other tables, that relationship will initiate. You'll notice these red little paper-clip looking things next to the fields you related on.


          Hopefully that helps.