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    Slider Filter

    Nathan Schwinnen

      I love Tableau, but sometimes there are things that I think should just be much easier than they are.  I have a field where the values range from 0-2000.  I set up a filter to include values only from 10-300.  I add a slider filter to my dashboard.  The slider will display values from 10-300, but the user is still able to move the slider to show all values from 0-2000.  If I wanted the user to be able to choose all the values, I would not have set up the filter in the first place.

      Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a way around this?


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          Deepak Rai

          Add your Filter to CONTEXt

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            Nathan Schwinnen

            I only see that as an option if my filter is a dimension.  That option is not there for measure.

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              Galen Busch

              Hi Nathan,


              There are a few ways around this.


              Firstly, it sounds like you chose the 'Show Filter' option, which will give the end-user control of this filter. You can simply click the X on the filter, and it will still effect the worksheet, but your end-user won't be able to alter the values.


              Your second option, which can sometimes be more sustainable, is to create a conditional calculation:


              [Measure Name] >=10 and [Measure Name] <=300


              Bring this calculation to filters, and click 'True' (the condition is met) and you're good to go.


              The second method can be better if you want to define a range that a user can then filter in between. If you use the second method, and allow the user to filter on any value between 10 and 300, click the down arrow on the filter and check the option 'Only relevant values'

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                Ken Flerlage

                You'll need to do the following:


                1) Duplicate the field.

                2) Using the original field, add a filter to the workbook that limits to 10-300, but don't make it visible to the user.

                3) Using the duplicated field, add another filter, which is visible to the user. Change that filter to only show relevant values.


                The filter on the original field will essentially take a first pass at filtering the data so that the second only shows the range you want available to the users.

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                  Deepak Rai

                  I am Sorry, I did not See you are talking about Measure

                  Drag your Measure to Filter and Set up Range.



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                    Nathan Schwinnen

                    I am getting the same result with all of these options.  I have attached the .twbx and the data if anyone wants to look and tell me what I am doing wrong.

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                      Nathan Schwinnen

                      From what I can tell, this method works in part.  Only values within my range will appear, but the slider still shows values in the entire range of the data.

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                        Deepak Rai

                        See attached. I created a Set and Replaced your Filter. Now you see you don't have 621 in list



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                          Mike Mainzer

                          Here were my steps:


                          1. Duplicate orders

                          2. Drag duplicate to filter, select All Values, select range of 10-300, select OK, select Show Filter

                          3. Drag 'Orders' to filter, beneath the duplicate, select All Values, Select OK (the range will show 10-100 for some reason(?), but just ignore and select OK)

                          4. Select show filter on 'Orders'

                          5. Drag the orders filter beneath the duplicate, and make sure the range in both filter boxes is 10-300

                          6. On the 'Orders' filter, select 'Only Relevant Values'

                          7. Now select the 'Duplicate Filter' box and select 'Remove Filter'

                          8. Don't panic. Just hit the back button. The duplicate filter will be reimposed, but the card won't show up, so you'll just be left with the original filter, locked between 10 and 300, per Ken's suggestion above.


                          You should be good from there.

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                            Nathan Schwinnen

                            That actually worked.  I don't know why it would take 8 steps to do that, but that's the way it is I guess.