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    Dynamically loading data in tableau via web api from user response

    Ankush K R

      Hi All,


      I’m new to Tableau and I need help in connecting Tableau with my web API's.



      I want to create a Dashboard for my website. So I am planning to embed tableau dashboard in my website.



      I lerant that Web Data connector in tableau is helpfull in getting data from my web API's.



      Steps I am following

      1. Created a seperate page in my Website (HTMl and Js) file which uses Tableau Java script API to collect data from Web API's. (This website is already hosted)

      2. Now in Tableau Desktop using WDC connector (Using the url of my hosted website), i am able to fetch the data and create Sheets and Dashboard.

      3. I am publishing tableau dasboard into tableau server. Now i get the embedding link/URL which i can use for embedding into my websites.



      My requirement

      1. In the same created web page I need to embed Tableau Dashboard

      2. In that page there will be some drop downs. Based on user selection, Web api will be called and by using Tableau JS API I need to refresh the tableau charts.

      3. Let me know if this is possible. IF NOT HOW CAN I ACHEIVE THIS.