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    Two different dimensions on map with geo data

    Albert Dorfman



      I'm trying to map some geo data, and I'm struggling to map two dimensions differently on the same graph.


      I have two different dimensions

           (1) CBSA of Warehouse

           (2) Postal Code of retail Customer


      The CBSA warehouse dimension is mapped properly in the picture below. The warehouse size (in units ordered) is determined by the hue of blue in the area.


      However, I'm struggling to map the retail customer. Ideally, each customer would be a red dot, and the customers' volume orders would be represented by the size of the dot.


      The picture below shows what I'm trying to achieve (I drew in the red dots).


      My Issue is two fold:

      (1) I want to map these two things (customers and warehouses) to different dimensions. Warehouses is CBSA , while customer will be mapped to postal code. And I'm not sure how to show two dimensions on the same graph.

      (2) I want the measures to be represented differently. CBSAs should be represented by large colored regions, and customers should be dots.


      Any help would be appreciated!