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    Create Dimension for Max(Date) minus 2 Days

    chakradhar kakani

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I have attached a workbook i which Sheet 1 Shows max(day)-1 and Sheet 2 has the same logic applied, now what i was looking was on sheet 1 give me max(day) - 1 which is 12-30-2017 which is right and also on the sheet 2 i want to get 12-30 (achieved) but also get 12-29, ans 12-28 as new dimension  for example let assume today is 1-1-2018 then i want to sheet 1 to show 12-31-2017 and on sheet 2 show 12-31-2017, 12-30, 12-29 so i was looking for a calculated field that satisfies both condition on sheet 1 and 2


      Thanks for help