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    multiple measures on dual axis

    Shri Siva



      I have requirement where I have 3 measure to be displayed in the same graph


      SUm(total) - Bar graph

      Cumulative sum(total) - line

      %failure in line


      I got the graph like below where %failure is at the bottom not visible because right axis is taken by Cumulative sum(total) .

      I want the right axis to hold the % failure instead of  Cumulative sum(total) so that the % failure line can be visible.

      I tried many ways but not getting it. I have attached the workbook .Please let me know how to change the right axis

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          Mike Mainzer

          First, I would synchronize your axis. Right-click one of your axes and select 'Synchronize axis'. This will show the true relative size between your line and your bars.


          As for seeing the % failure on this view, you're not going to be able to. Your values are in the hundreds of thousands, and your percentages are all below 20. They're just too small.


          If you want to see the failure, you need to instead use the total of failures, not the percentage. So, for example, your '11+' group had 10% failure. If you were to use the total failures instead, your grey line would be 4,163.


          Even then, it's such a small number it probably won't be visible.


          I recommended removing your running total from the chart completely and try a different chart type.

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            Shri Siva

            no users need all 3 measures in same graph.they have done this in excel and they want to do the same in Tableau

            is there any other option to the get the graph like below


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              Mike Mainzer



              Your problem is that your Tableau chart has the wrong value for your orange line. Your orange line is a running total, whereas in the snapshot out of Excel, that line is a PERCENTAGE of cumulative failure. So in Tableau, you need to convert your running total into a percentage of total. Then your right axis till be from 0% to 100% and your grey and orange lines will show up.

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                Shri Siva

                thanks Mike .I did nt realize that it was cumulative percentage