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    Relative share of subcategories

    Heko Teiken

      Dear Tableau community,


      I have the following use case which I did not manage to find a solution for via the search function and quite a bit of general google search. I have a table which shows money spend by category, region, date, usage and supplier. What I would like to show is an aggregated overview in a scatter plot with:


      Each bubble representing one of the categories

      Dimension 1: Number of unique suppliers in that category (which is easy)

      Dimension 2: Share of spend for the largest supplier relative to total spend in that category (which I cant manage to create)


      Do you have any ideas on how to approach this? There is some aggregation required, because there are multiple lines for each supplier/category combination (due to date, region, etc.) so I need to aggregate the spend per supplier and that find the maximum of that.


      Best regards


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          Martin Dunleavy

          It's a bit difficult to give you an answer without seeing some sample data or a workbook.


          The best that I can do off of the description would be to do something like this...


          { FIXED [Supplier] : MAX([Spend]) }


          You can then use a Percent of Total table calc to compare it to the 'total spend in that category'


          Please share sample data or workbook if this is not what you were looking for.


          Hope this helps.