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    Cascading Filters not picking the relevant values automatically? Instead of that, It is showing the old value in parenthesis '(old value)'.

    Vimal Annamalai

      Hi All,


      I have applied the cascading filters in my attached dashboard in the below structure:-


      1) TestDate -  Added to context

      2) Branch -  Added to context

      3) Model -  All values in context

      4) GroupSize - All values in context

      5) Protocol - All values in context

      6) SanId - All values in context


      Here, TestDate filter is the parent filter. So, if i select any date in TestDate Filter, Branch Filter is not automatically picking the latest value (like below screenshot, It's just displaying the old value in parenthesis) from the available relevant values but all relevant values are available when i click the branch filter. Same problem facing from remaining filters also.




      Kindly help me out. Your help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance.