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    Working w Extracts

    Anthony Gomez

      I am using extracts that are no more than 15MB and am having issues w my file.  Originally I was toggling between 4 extracts but began to get this error message very frequently:


      Tableau Data Engine Error: 40704: bad allocation


      I tried removing all extracts except the one I was actually using at the time but no continue to have this issue.  I am new to using extracts but know we will be using them more and more at my current job due to the amount of data we analyze.  So any best practices that can be shared which may help resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


      Also, I am currently using the 32-bit but am going to move to the 64.  Not sure if this will help but hoping...

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          Chris McClellan

          What version of Tableau are you using ?

          What you do mean when you say "toggling between extracts" ?


          15Mb is TINY really, so there must be something in your local environment that is having an impact.

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            Anthony Gomez

            I am on v10.3 (32-bit)


            And I agree, I was shocked as I've seen much larger .tde files used w no issues at all.  Not sure...  I am going to upgrade to the 64-bit today and see if that helps things...


            Lastly, be Toggling between sources I was referring to "Replace Data Source" when linked to multiple Extracts.


            Thank you for the response. any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.