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    Issue while Applying quantitative filters using Sheet.applyRangeFilterAsync() if the value is of date type.

    Vijrumbhan M B

      Hi Guys,


                    i am relatively new to tableau. we have a requirement to embed tableau viz and interact with it using the its fantastic javascript api.
      i have been following the samples and tutorials provided on tableau websites and other blogs.


      i have been using the api call "workSheet.getFiltersAsync()" to get the filters.

      quantitative filter has min and max values ex: {"min":{"value":1388707200000,"formattedValue":"03/01/2014"},"max":{"value":1509408000000,"formattedValue":"31/10/2017"}.


      my task is to apply these filters on the viz at a later time. i have been using Sheet.applyRangeFilterAsync() api to apply the filter

      1) which value should i be applying formattedValue or value  ?

      2) is there any inbuilt way that i can know Data Type of the quantitative filter. i mean if it is  Date/DateTime type or any other.?


              currently i am testing with tableau server 10.4.