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    Connecting dots in dual axis scatter plot for rankings (dumbbell chart?)

    Hyemin Kim

      Hello y'all,


      I have a question regarding a dual axis scatter plot for a country level data.

      Below is the image of the scatter plot i've created, visualizing the relationship among average life expectancy, medical fee expenditure, and number of doctors per 1,000 people per country. To show all measures in one plot I've used rankings instead of the actual values.




      So basically, each country has two dots on this plot,

      (1) one orange dot indicating the ranking for medical fee expenditure, and (2) one blue cross indicating the country's ranking in number of doctors per 1,000 ppl. Below is an example of Morocco:





      My question in a nutshell is,

      Is there a way to connect the dot and the cross for each country?

      The end goal is to have the below green line for all countries.




      The closest thing I could find through googling was a dumbbell chart, but the only available examples for those were changes in annual data (e.g. sports game, test scores, etc.). I would very much appreciate any advice I can get.