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    Re-filter the result based on a selection

    Nigel Fung

      Sorry not able to describe precisely via the header.


      So here is my situation, using super store dataset with 10.4 workbook. (please find the attachment)


           Assume there are two dimension field (product, order id). Following result is expected after go via the calculation for process 1 and 2.


                Process 1: Select one product, then show the underlying orders


                Process 2: From these underlying orders, then show the underlying products


                Expected result: Display the products


      Thanks for advice!

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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Nigel,

          I can see that you are using story points in your workbook, is there a particular reason you have gone for this? I would recommend having all the charts you require for filtering in one dashboard.


          You can achieve this using dashboard actions, you can easily set this up using the following guide: Filter Actions. I am also including a video to aid the learning process: Advanced Action Filters in Tableau - YouTube.


          Hope this helps and please let me know if you require further guidance.



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            Nigel Fung

            Hi Sasha,

            Thanks for your advice!


            Using story points is to illustrate my case logic process.


            In my real dashboard, process 1 and 2 (in the attachment) should not visible for usage. Same as your advice, the final dashboard should display in one page coming from the end result.


            Back to the end result, when a product is selected (e.g. via action filter / quick filter / parameter), then go via the logic/calculation on process 1 and 2, and finally reach the result as per last slide. The two processes are just my initial thought on how to get the expect result, so it is flexible to change if there is other suggested design that reach the end result.


            I tried action filter / quick filter after-so, but it only shows the underlying orders from the product (e.g. say product A). And the challenge is to show all the orders, from the related products that coming from the orders of selection 'product A',


            Thanks again Sasha for your time on my further explanation. Grateful if you can shed some light to come across this challenge!

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              Sasha Hanna

              Hi Nigel,

              Thanks for clarifying that, and yes it can be achieved by joining the data together (on Order ID):

              Then in your visualisation you build the original logic from the first table (region>product name>order ID) and bring in product name from second table. You can use the original product name to filter:

              If you don't want to show the product name and order ID on the table, you can remove them because the logic is at the data source level: simply filter on one product name and display the second.



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                Nigel Fung

                Thanks Sasha, this is a great solution! Let me try!