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    Migrate Comments on Views

    Sonia Rattan


      We have a current set up in Tableau 9.3 server. We are migrating to Tableau 10.4 server which is on a new infrastructure altogether.


      We have manage to upgrade the workbooks using the process here Moving Individual Workbooks From One Server to Another Server | Tableau Software


      The problem is our users had saved comments in the 9.3 Tableau server, which are lost when we go to Tableau 10.4. I understand these are saved in the Tableau underlying Database.

      What is the best way to get these comments migrated to the new server.



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          Matt Coles

          Why are you migrating individual workbooks, rather than simply taking a backup of your 9.3 server, then using tabadmin restore --no-config to restore it to the new server? If you do that, all your content and all your comments will be moved automatically.

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            Sonia Rattan

            Hi Matt,


            The current 9.3 Tableau server is a dedicated for our project. But 10.4 Tableau server is shared across our organisations, so there are many other projects running on it.


            "tabadmin restore" documentation says it will overwrite all the content on the server. So i believe we cannot use this option as we have other projects running on 10.4 Tableau server. Or is there an option to selectively migrate workbooks somehow?




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              Matt Coles

              Ah, I see. Yes, you definitely don't want to overwrite everything else. There is Site Export / Import which may be a better option, but you'll want to read through the documentation carefully.


              You might be able to use the REST API to automatically create new comments on the new server based on what was on the old server, with some addition to the text so you could preserve the original commenter and date/time the comment was created. It'd be a little ugly, but it'd work, I think. Edit: You'd have to do this manually, there's no method for doing this automatically


              Other than that, the only way I know of to migrate comments would be to directly insert them into the appropriate database locations in the new postgreSQL database. Doing that would be a lot of work, completely unsupported, easy to screw up, and could break the server you are trying to do it on. So, don't do that!

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                Sonia Rattan

                Hi Matt,


                Thank you for your time and suggestion.

                You are right we will not risk updating the Tableau Database directly.


                We are planning to work around to this problem by doing following:

                1. Connect to the Tableau 9.3 underlying Database and export all the comments in a CSV file.

                2. In Tableau 10.4 create a new view of Archived comments with in our migrated workbook and have its Datasource pointing to the CSV extracted.


                Our users wont be very happy with this workaround but cannot think of a better solution right now.

                I do wish Tableau could provide a better solution for this in future.