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    Level of Detail expressions cannot contain table calculations or the attr function

    Kevin Keoghan

      As per the title I am having issue with the above error. I have a data set that has the costs of each order. I then need to average these by location. However some orders don't have the location details so I have linked another data sheet and found the locations that way.


      The problem is when I go to display it as a scatter plot graph the orders that have no location get aggregated as * (as I am aggregating them at a location level.) If I add the Order to the Viz then the display doesn't work as I want to aggregate it to the location.


      So then I tried to get the average using an include formula "{ INCLUDE ([Incidents].[Master Location (Notifications)]): AVG([Total act.costs])}" and I get the error that I cant aggregate it!!!


      Any ideas? I have also tried window sum but that is not good as it gives an average of all the locations rather than the average of the orders at each location.


      The file is quite big / sensitive so I can only really provide a screen shot. not ideal I know but hoping someone can help

      Any help would be appreciated!Error message.png