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    How to get place location points in tableau maps on top of County

    Sadaf Shareef

      Hello Tableau Community:

      I have mapping question that I am having trouble with.

      I have a file that has service addresses that I have geocoded and got their latitude and longitude. I also have rates by county. (this is for New York State).

      What I would like to do is overlap two maps. One map would have the counties colored by the median rates as shown here:


      and then on top of the above map would be dots that would indicate locations of services:

      so the map with the dots below would be overlayed on top of the above map.

      I cannot seem to figure out how to overlay the two. I tried to do dual axis but that just converts to a scatter plot with multiple tiny NY state.


      I've attached a sample workbook. You will note that some counties don't have lat/long as there is no points to add there. Also not in this workbook but what I would like is that when we hover over the dots it shows that name of the service not the lat/long.


      Any help with instructions on how to achieve what I need would be greatly appreciated. links to videos or step by step instructions would be appreciated as I am teaching myself tableau and am novice at best.

      Thank you inadvance!