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    Return all related records if ID has at least 1 active status

    Wes Reneau

      Hello Friends,


      In my scenario, a member can hold multiple memberships, not all of which are active the same time. I need the ability to filter based on a member holding an active membership and return all their records, not just the active one(s).


      Active Member is a calculated field. Essentially I want the cancelled record on row two to display a 1 for Active Member, since ID 123 has at least 1 active status.

      However as expected, when I filter Active Member = 1, the Cancelled row no longer displays for ID 123. Again, since ID 123 has at least one active membership, I want to see all their rows.


      The opposite is true as well. If I were to search for all inactive members (members that have zero Active status and type of member), I would not want ID 123 to show up. I would only want 555 to display.


      Any ideas? I've attached the workbook used to create the screenshots.


      EDIT: Just a clarifying piece, I need only one status per ID. Meaning ID 123 is Active, therefore I want the ability to return all that ID's records.