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    New calculated column based on a filter

    Ivan Ivanov

      Hello everyone! I need some help with my task, I started to use Tableau this week, so I am very new, and I am stuck in one case: I should make a table:

      Id | First name | Last Name | Amount for Period1 * 12 | Amount for Period2 *12| Variance Period2 – Period1


      Period2 must be selected from 2 dropdowns (filters) – for year, and for month – but only March, June, September, December

      And Period1 is 3 months earlier, for example P1=December 2017 and P2=March 2018. So only Period2 is selected, Period1 must be calculated. Only amounts for salary must be shown, and the number should be multiplied by 12.

      I tried a lot of things, maybe LOD expression is needed, but it is very complicated for me in the first week. Need a miracle, please help.