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    Slow loading time when others open worbook

    Salina Ho

      Hi everyone,


      Currently, we are using Tableau 10.3 for one of our workbook.

      This workbook uses two data sources, including an extract from Tableau Server, as well as a live web connector to Qualtrics, and the data are blended.

      This workbook is saved on our Network folder, and the extracted data is saved on the Network folder as well.

      (I cannot upload the workbook for privacy reasons).


      If I were the last person editing the workbook, I would have no trouble opening it - it loads fast.

      However, if my colleague opens the workbook after I edited it, it would take them up to 30 minutes to load the workbook.

      Same thing happens if my colleague was the last person who edits the workbook, it would be fast for them. But when I open the workbook, it'll take forever to load.


      We have a workaround right now which is we would save the workbook onto our Tableau Server, and whoever needs to use it will download from there.

      It still takes a bit more time to load (compared to if I were the one who last edited it and is opening it), but it is definitely less time than the 30 minutes situation above.

      Ideally, I'd love to have it load fast for everyone who's opening it on our Network folder.


      I'm wondering if there is something obvious that I'm missing that is causing the delay, or if there is anything I can do to increase the loading speed of the Tableau workbook?

      Any guidance would help!


      Thank you for everyone's help, much appreciated.