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    How do I create a single attribute field from a variety of measure fields?

    Jeffrey Taylor



      I have a problem I find tricky and am hoping someone can help. I am working on building a useful report out of a "skills matrix" for our employees. This is a simple Excel sheet that looks like the following:

      EastJohn DoeEngineer0111110Big
      CentralJane DoeSales1111001Big
      WestJoe BlowManager0111110Medium

      There is other date too, but these are the salient bits.


      I want to be able build a report that shows me, based on day of week, which employees are available or how many. The "how many" piece is easy, I can just use a calculated field to COUNTD the "Name" field. Ideally, I would like to be able to build something like this:



      I can't figure out how to do this. I tried an IF statement, but this failed because most of the employees work Monday. So for most of them, "[M]=1" will be true, and then ELSEIF won't catch anything else and I can't see who also works any other day if any of the employee's days is a Monday.


      How can I build a "Day of Week" field so I can break out the days and still figure out which employees are in play for those days?