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    Filter One Worksheet using Multiple Results From Another

    Ivo Linev

      Please see attached packaged workbook with a simplified example of what I'm trying to do.


      I first find the top 2 products by sales for vendor V1 (no problems there, see worksheet Competitor).


      My goal is to find all of my products (I'm Vendor V3) in the same product categories as competitor V1's top sellers above. Essentially, I would like to automatically filter worksheet Me to display products only in the two product categories where competitor V1, has their 2 best selling products.


      I can obviously manually filter worksheet "Me" but I'd like this to work automatically in the dashboard, meaning, when I select a competitor, worksheet Me automatically filters out all of my products in all of the categories above where the competitor has their top selling product. I created an action filter in the dashboard but the only way to get this to work is to Ctrl+Click on the each of the product categories in the Competitor worksheet. I'd like to have the option to select different vendors in the dashboard and find out how my products are selling in the categories where the competitor is selling the most.


      Any ideas? I searched the forums, also tried to work with sets and parameters but to no avail.