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    Expected 'Then' to match 'If' at character 0

    Derek Hubbard


      I am trying to create an exclusionary filter based upon the following logic; however, I receive the error 'expected Then to match If at character 0' ?

      I've searched the community & found various other solutions with no luck just yet. The intent is to exclude values that are duplicates & only select the latest value.

      Version 10.1


      IF ISNULL (ATTR([Plant Code],[Material ID]),STR([Export Create Date])) = LOOKUP(ATTR([Plant Code],[Material ID]),STR([Export Create Date]),-1) THEN 'INCLUDE'

      ELSEIF (ATTR([Plant Code],[Material ID])),STR([Export Create Date])) = LOOKUP(ATTR([Plant Code],[Material ID])),STR([Export Create Date]),-1)) THEN 'EXCLUDE'